Dirty speculum

dirty speculum

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Dirty speculum -

It is possible that contamination may occur with use of contaminated speculum and dirty speculum. She has passed all the exams with flying colors, with absolutely no problems whatsoever. You can question the staff and find out if they actually sterilize the equipment. This is my theory now or my husband is lying, not knowing how i got this is devastating me. Really how clean is your doctor's office? 14 Jun “SMTL carried out a survey of mainly GP practices with regard to their use of disposable and reusable vaginal specula. Disturbing reprocessing practices were revealed in some surgeries, including some practices completely ignoring MDA advice. Most users performing in-house reprocessing were not. 12 Mar Sometimes the Medical Assistant or RN will have already laid out the speculum, lubricant, and brushes. Sometimes the provider themselves prefers to grab the instruments when needed. I learned many ways in which to set-up and stay “ clean” during the pap exam, but none left me feeling satisfied with how. 23 Oct Most clinics and doctors have only disposable, single-use speculums. If it was made of clear plastic, you can be sure it had never been used on anyone else. If the clinic has metal speculums, I'm sure they sterilize them between patients. If it was metal, you could ask the clinic to be certain they do that.


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